When will be map MOD out ??


Hello, my fans,

I'm really sorry that sometimes I lost so many time on some update, but that happened always when SCS release some DLC map. They cache me always in the middle of my work and in front of me is always then double work. My work and connection and overlook the same DLC map. The same is with DLC Oregon.

But I'm close now to the release day. I can tell you today, that I will release my map MOD between Sunday 20th January and Tuesday 22th January 2019. I hope you understand, that I must be 100% ready for that and I do not like to send out map MOD with mistakes and Errors. The player must be always satisfied with my map MOD and the game must work without any problem. In 99% problems and crashes are player mistakes ...or they use the same Profile for different map MODs or they use some old or not compatible other MODs which then they cause a crash in the game. Of course, in first place in the player opinion is of course map MOD ... but when I see their Game.log and answer to them, they recognized their mistake and fix the problem. 

Many of you saw how I work, after when I released my MHAPro 1.33 for ETS2 v1.33.x ... players and I find some really big mistakes which cause a big problem the game or we can even play the game. I fixed that on the same day and Resend to all my Support fans to their Emails !!  If you think that you did not get it, please, contact me on my Email with Paypal Email and name that I can find you. If you will do that, I will send you fast new Download link back. 

I will show some new things in my map MOD too. I'm happy that I confirm that map MOD is bigger again and better. Of course cannot be to always perfect. But some things I make before then others, but on the end all they will be made.

On the end, thank you to all of you for Support !!