...if you saw, Beta is open for ETS2 too ....

My vacation start 02.08.2017 and most time I will be out of Internet. But before that, I will release MHAPro EU 1.28 for ETS2 1.28x too ....

I'm already testing that ... so, you will get map MOD for new update before my vacation. That map MOD works on Beta and it will work later too when SCS send in Public that 1.28 Update.

If you will have some question, my mail will be open, and I will look once in day on my mail and answer to everybody, like always.

About MHAPro for ATS ,  that map MOD will be updated too on new 1.28 version and it will be out this days too.

Free version will be in Download Section, Supporters will get mail with download link from me in Mail box which I will find in my Paypal donation box. That is reason why I ask you for good mail.

Those who donated to me in past for that version and you did not get link in mail, contact me with proof that you Donated to me and I will send you download link.

Be patient 3-5 days for new MHAPro updates !! ?  From MHAPro site you'll get mail, when will be map MOD for ETS2 ready on my site !!