Hi fans,

finally , MHAPro 1.28 is out on my site. You can download it there.

From tomorrow ,02.08 until 28.8. I will be out of my work. So, you can contact me on my Mail and I will answer to you as soon as possible.

SCS team still has some small problem in one company, but unfortunately I can not do more about that ... they did not Update map MOD in two days...they're really slow.

Those who will Support me ... SAVE your download site and tomorrow you can download again ... because for sure I will today very late update again my map MOD.

Enjoy in playing.

ets2 00009

ets2 00014

ets2 00005


ETS2 - MHAPro EU 1.28  (Support version with 1.28.x None-steam and Steam and higher):   
1. new company ECO (gas station) in game MOD
2. new city Troyes  - campoint 1004
- company Eco
- company ITCC
- company WGCC
- company EuroGoodies
- company Sag-Tre
- company Roadwork
3. new HW  A5 in France - from Chaumont - Troyes (F)
4. new highway to Chamount (F)
5. new normal roads around city Troyes (F)
6. new prices on some highway Toll gates
7. new Toll gate near Strasbourg (F)
8. new Toll gate near Lille (F)
9. new Toll gates from Lille (F) to directions Calais (F) and Dippe (F)
10. new Toll gate between Nantes and Brest (F)
11. city Nantes (F) 
- company MHA Service
- new billboards around city
- company Eco
12. better look on highway Nantes - Brest (F)
13. fixed and overlook normal road from Prag (CZ) to Frankurt (D)
14. new normal road from Kranj (SLO) to Klagenfurt (A)
15. new signs on new roads
16. new normal road from Troyes (F) to Chaumont and Bossancourt (F)
17. fixed prefab Underground company
18. highway from Troyes to Orleans (F) A5
19. highway from cross to Orleans (F) to big cross A5 - A26
20. finished highway A5 from Troyes to Reims/Paris - A5
21. 3 new big crosses with complete new roads on that place around A5/A 26/A 4 France
22. finished highway from Troyes to direction Reims and Paris A26
23. new city Vejle (DK)
- company Foodservice
- company MHA Service
- company Nor_food
- company Maxilla Transport
24. new roads around city
25. new highway with all new look on sea
26. new signs for city, after 3 weeks work, city is finished
27. overlook roads around Glasgow (UK)
28. new signs to Inverness (UK)
29. new city Inversness (UK)
- company MHA Service
- company Stoke
- company Europe
- company Food service
30. fixed roads around Glasgow (UK)
31. new roads from Glasgow to Inverness (UK) to north 
32. overlook all north Scotland roads again and redesigned
33. Rebuilt whole map on version 1.28 !
34. new city look Michelau (Lux)
- company Maxilla
- company Car service
Download is in the Download Section