In Sunday 03.09.2017 I will send to all Supporters new update !

In Sunday 03.09.2017 I will send to all my Supporters for ETS2 game my new update MHAPro EU 1.28 for ETS2 v1.28.x - for free.

In new update I Rebuild MHAPro map on latest SCS Public release, I fixed ECO gas station company, changed there parking places and I put 2 new companies in France.

That all will cause new Reload to your game and will send your truck in HQ garage, so, you must finish first your last Delivery and then Replace new map MOD with old one.

I will send to all Mails which I will find in my Paypal. So, if you will not get tomorrow my new update and you Supported me for 1.28 verions for ETS2, contact me with Mail wchich you used for Paypal and I will answer to you.


Enjoy in playing





ps ....  Free version will be updated in next week !