The download link for the latest update 1.48, for the ATS version, has just been placed on my page.

You can find it here (you have to log in first):

When you donate for version 1.48, after that you will receive an email from me with a download link. Save it because I will certainly make another 3-5 new updates (they will be free under the same link from the email after the donation), and you will use the same download link from the email, which you will receive from me, to download the new folder and replace it new parts of fashion with old ones.

The ETS2 map for 1.48 is still under construction, so I can't tell you anything specific about it now. I will try to prepare it in a similar way as the ATS map, and later make another update.

Follow my Blog where I'll write more about all that and if I'm not too gifted at these things.