If you play this version , read more !

Fans which use FREE  MHAPro EU 1.28 for ETS2 v1.28.x ,you can download all 3 Parts of map MOD again. 

I just finished with Update of that version too and uploaded on my Server.

After when you will download all 3 Parts, delete old one and replace them with new parts. I fix parking places in map, I looked all cities cross whole map MOD. It can be that I still made somewhere some mistake and forgot fix something. If you will find some mistake, send me position, some picture that I will know where I must look for mistake and I will fix that too .

I hope that I fix all problems and you can play without any problems that Free version too.

Enjoy in playing.

p.s.  for playing on MHAPro map MOD you must have all 3 big DLC's !