How far is my work for ETS2 right now ?

After some time I have now pictures from Slovenia, small country on south ov EU between Italy,Austria and Hungary. I made two more cities in there, first is Capital town Ljubljana and smaller Celje. All cities are connected from Slovenian city Kranj from north/west to Ljubljana, then to Celje and Maribor on east and of course to M.Sobota too ... 

So, if you take Delivery now from Italy to Hungary, you can go cross Slovenia to Hungary, shortest and faster way... Around Ljubljana I made roads which are already prepared for new cities and highway to direction to Zagreb (Croatia) and to Rijeka (Croatia) on south on Adriatic sea.

After when SCS team release their DLC Italy, you will need that DLC too if you will need want to play with MHAPro map MOD. But about that I will note here on site when it will be out. I must see first how much demage will SCS team make to MHAPro map with that.

I changed crosses around Luxembourg too ... and more come. I will not stop on that for next release. I have still plan to do 2 ,maybe 3 new cities ... depend on some life factors. 

Now pictures ... about release, I can tell you that it will be somewhere on first half of November 2017. The same plan is for ATS map too ... but about that I will make new post.