Wow ... I did not know that I made such a good roads .... lol ...  !!


Yesterday I took 3h for testing my past work on roads around Sacramento and new cities , in direction to Carson city and on other hand mountain road cross sand from Placerville to Topaz lake.  

On that last road (mountain road) you will need something more knowledge then normal. I tested that road with 500 HP truck and with heavy trailer behind ... lol ... that was some experience. Long time I did not drive with so many problems, calculations in curves etc ....  I enjoy totally and after half way I stop on rest place to eat and drink something after demanding driving. I hope you will enjoy too.

In complete, I can tell that I did not throw last 1 month cross window on that part of map. For sure you will not see just this part in new Support update MHAPro map. In there will be a lot more then just that ... but before you start to drive, always read my description which you can find in my RAR document.

In there you will find one more RAR too, with name " MHAPRo Construction_unpack_trailers_skins.rar" - it is option like More traffic too. You can use it if you want. In there are Skins for double trailers and Mack ....but better will be if you read READ ME in my RAR and you will find out what it is or just look in every MOD in there small picture and you will know what it is. Picture on Double trailers you can see down there. All Credit goes to Lucasi for Skins ... and Rusty for idea .. I hope I wrote ok.

Now - enjoy in pictures from yesterday testing.