I'm close to release MHAPro 1.29 for ATS 1.29.x version !


Almost is ready MHAPro for ATS version .... I'm close with that work ... still I have small problem with one company, but I hope it will be fixed before release. It cause Error on GPS ,when is open, but not in game without GPS. 

I will show you 2 videos from Rusty on my new Beta map MOD ...that you can see what I did, but just on really small part of map MOD. I post in my mod_descript document already some 55 points which I have done on my map MOD ... but I'm still in the move around map MOD. You must know that I can not finished everything in one move ...so, still will be stay open some work. That will be ready for next update of course.

Yesterday SCS team put out ETS2 Beta 1.30. MHAPro 1.28 version DO NOT work on that Beta ... that update delete many my places , cities and connection. In ETS2 wait on me big, big work .... so, I can not tell you  when will be map MOD ready ... you have two options ... play my map MOD on 1.28 until I will not make new one OR do not play it.

You can see videos on Rusty YT places ... here are links :



So , be please a little bid more patient and map will be soon here 


Alex, MHAPro