You can find it on my site here !



I decided to not wait on update zModeler if will not be out until Friday Nov 24th 2017. I will relase my map MOD MHAPro for ATS 1.29. Those company do not cause such a big problem in game that will not work or cause crash. Anyway ,I will update it when it will update for zModeler available. 

So, in Saturday morning by European time, my map MOD will be on my site. Of course both, Free and bigger Support version.

I still work on my map MOD, so I will put whole list in Post here day before release and you can see it in release day. That document is always in RAR document too.

On ATS 1.29 , MHAPro map MOD works JUST with new DLC New Mexico. If you dont have that DLC, game will not work for sure.

That update is my biggest update until now, plus, whole rework on my old map place because of some new roads and my old and new cities.

So, you can find it in Saturday map here, and that is final release date.