MHAPro has a problem with new Beta 1.30.


With new Beta 1.30 in ETS2 is a little problem.Obviously, I must wait for some future update from SCS, because it is some problem in the original game which does not allow to read my map. Like you know, my map MOD works perfect on 1.28 version, the same is with Rebuild Editor when I work on it. But with new Update, I was hit in a wall ...

I got information from guys in SCS that they will overlook and fix in some next updates that too ... I hope they will not forget on me and my 5y work in ETS2.

Until then I can just look in the air. That automatic mean too that my map MOD will be much, much later out too, because I must connect everything with new North Italy, I will lose my cities in North Italy which I must put back in my map MOD etc ... 

In this moment I can not tell you when exactly will be my map MOD back. Be patient, please.

Thank you to all my fans on support!  And thank you too all of you who support me with ATS map MOD too!  Respect to all of you !!