The first note is - not so fast.


Hello Fans,

so, today, after some 28h work on my map for ETS2 I finally polish my map MOD in 1.30 version with old signs. That causes a lot of problems and lagging.

In front of me is big work now. I must put back all my places and cities which I lost with last Update 1.30. That will take for sure some 3-4 weeks. If I will be faster, of course, you'll get a note here. I hope I will have enough energy to do that fast.

I have some other option too, but I'm not so happy with that because I don't want to send you updates every week manual cross mail system and then every week send you in your HQ garage. I will see, depend on time and how fast I will be.

Until then, you must, unfortunately, wait for my map MOD.


Alex, MHAPro