It is out!


I must tell on start, that for playing with MHAPro 1.30 for ETS2 v1.30.x you must have all big DLC maps (East, North, France, and Italy).  Without those DLC's map, MOD will not work for sure.

Map MOD is a free version and it is not the same as Support version, better to tell, it is far from that version. Support version will be out later this month, more details you will get here on site. My work on that map is somewhere on middle to the end.

Map MOD does not work with DLC Oversize for many reasons and will not work in future too. SCS team made this DLC with some new system in the game and we obviously must change Sectors in maps. If I change that I will lose whole my past work. So I must find out how I will make that. On other hand, roads are not the same as in a basic map. So, I will see how to do it. It will take for sure some time for that.

Enjoy playing. Those who wait on Support version you can play with Free version, the game will look for some data, but I think that must work. I tried the Free version on my full Profile and it works ok.


Alex, MHAPro