To All my fans I wish good health and Happy New year 2018 ! 


I wish you all the Best in 2018 .year.  

Now, I can confirm you a date when will be a MHPro map for ETS2 1.30 finally out.  The last date will be January 14th, 2018. That means until then I will have ready for sure my map MOD. It can happen that map MOD will be ready someday before that date. In that case, I will release before the date for sure. 

I finished 80% of my plan until today. I still must put some routes from Oversize DLC in my map MOD and some old companies, the plan is some new too. I hope I can do that in next 14 days. I already made 2 new cities in Slovenia (Celje and Ljubljana), 3 old cities from North Italy are back too (Belluno, Bolzano, and Treviso - totally new cities) and many new places on the map, some crosses...etc. All list of work will be on my site on release day and in my RAR document.

I made some pictures, but more you will in the map when you will drive cross map MOD.