Both maps, for ATS and ETS2 are in progress!

Ski Jump Mania - Besplatna online igra skijaških skokova

I did not write, sometimes, because of just one simple reason. I work all the time on my map MOD. Daily around some 12h. In the end, I do not find any energy to write something on PC. Today I finished before these 12h working day and I will show you, for now, pictures from ETS2 map for next update. Of course in ATS will be here soon too.

In ATS, for now, I have already 2 new places, one in California and one in New Mexico. Of course, I will not stop there. Something similar is in ETS2 map too...  Parallel I test everything too. This time I will put in ETS2 and ATS map more small cities and villages then before. Maybe I will make some big city, but I think that we have too many highways in both maps ... and it is time for more classic roads and small places. 

What you will see on pictures, are from MHAPro map for next release in ETS2. I hope you'll like it. 

Thank you again to all my fans, who support me in ETS2 or ATS map MODs .. and of course to all those who support in both games me and my work in there. Big thank you to all of you  !!

Alex, MHAPro