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ATS -  interesting is, that I already can work on ATS, which was on start bigger problem then ETS2 map MOD. About MHAPro ATS map:  in front of me is big work - again. I already clear mistakes from the map which cause SCS team with some changes on Models and crosses ... but ok, in the hope we will have a better game...right !! If will be everything in place and work, in max 14 days map MOD will be ready and in Public. All my Register fans will get Mail from me when will be ready. Everything will be like always on my site in Download Section. And remember, if you will download Support version, be patient, give a system that does the work...sometimes need some minute more. And on the end, you will get Download link ... if you will interrupt the process you will get Error. In that case, if you will see that note and you 'll not get the download link, just contact me in Mailbox with Paypal info and mail which you used for Paypal - and your name too.

ETS2 - about MHAPro for ETS2 ... I was surprised that I have a problem with map MOD. I Rebuild and Save map, what is a normal process ... but later on, when I started again in Editor, Save or Rebuild don't work anymore. For that I will find a solution too ... just I need some time. More INFO you will get cross someday about MHAPro for ETS2 here. 

So, more INFO will be here in next days.

Alex, MHAPro