Both MHAPro map MODs are in 1.31. update


Today, after 3 downgrades in 1.30 ETS2 and fixed all SCS mistakes in DLC Italy, finally managed the whole map in ETS2 1.31. ... 6 days work on that got my map MHAPro in. Now is in front of my other work. The map will be ready next week, I think until May 6th ... the same will be with ATS map MOD.

You must know that I cannot manage everything alone on some days if SCS works some 6 months on that or more. I ask you for a little bit more patient ... I want to put more Special Transport in ETS2 before release. In ATS map I must look over north places what I can do before SCS make Oregon state. So, in front of me is a lot of work.

You will get more INFO ...I must say that I will be out of internet from tomorrow evening to Tuesday ... to date: 26.4. - 01.05.2018 ... so if you will contact me by mail ... maybe I will answer.