How long ?


Hello fans,

SCS still have some small problems with both games. They work daily on that and we all hope they will release soon new update 1.31 for both games.

About MHAPro maps, ETS2 map MOD is almost ready, parallel I work on more Special transport routes in MHAPro. The same is with ATS map MOD.  

Probably, I will release my map MODs before SCS team... I will see how fast I will be too. SCS works on DLC Special transport for ATS too ... so, will be many new steps in next days, weeks...months.

All of you, who are Register on my site, you will get INFO mail when will be some map MOD ready and on my site for download. From time to time look in your mailbox, I will put release note on SCS forum, FB and on site here too.

Until then ... be careful with all MODs, if you use many MODs, be sure that you have all MODs which are compatible with 1.31 update, of course, if you're already on Beta 1.31 game. Otherwise, you will fast finish in the problem or you will have the crash game.