In next 2-5 days ... 

I decided to not wait anymore for new update 1.31. In next days I will release both map MODs. First will be out a map for ETS2. Someday later daylight will see MHAPro for ATS too. 

All fans which are Register on my site will get mail in your mailbox from my site after when I will put my Download links on my site. 

In case that will SCS team release new "DLC country" (in ETS2 or ATS) before my next update, I will update my last map and make it compatible with new DLC and send to Support fans in the mailbox. Of course, always depend if you will have last Support version or not. If you will have last Support version, you will get on mail which you will leave me in Paypal. So, please use good mail that I can contact in that case.

I already worked that way and I will in future too. You can expect in next days two emails, first for ETS2 and next for ATS update MHAPro.

Like always, I hope you'll like it.