It is Public ! 



MHAPro 1.31 is out for ATS too! 


You have both version on my site, Free, and Support.  You must be Register on site if you want to download that. 

What is new, you will find like always in two places, in MOD MANAGER in your Profile in the game or in RAR download in the mod_description document and after pictures in the post too.

I can tell you, that you will find in there many new places and cities around USA countries which we have in roads, companies in new places etc.

Enjoy playing

Alex, MHAPro 


MHAPro ATS 1.31 (in Support version Compatible with 1.31 Steam and higher):

1. new company Concargo in map MOD
2. small city Visalia (CA)
- company re_train
- company car_small
- company bn_farm
- company Concargo
3. new signs around Sacramento (CA)
4. new city Carrizozo (NM)
- company McDonalds
- company MHA Service
- company pns_con_sit
- company Car service
- company pns_con_whs
- company cm_min_str
5. new roads and buildings inside city¬ł
6. new city Corona (NM)
- company cm_min_qry
- company ed_mkt
- company sc_frm_grg
7. new roads to the farm and environment
8. new signs on roads
9. new roads around Corona city (NM)
10. new city Vaughn (NM)
- company cm_min_str
- company cm_min_plnt
- company plaster & sons
- company BurgerKing
- company MHAPro service
11. new signs around companies
12. new cross with new signs on highway connection to Vaughn (NM)
13. fixed small problems in map MOD
14. fixed invisible walls on some places
15. overlook highway 285 in New Mexico
16. highway 285 fo West - > Encino
17. new city Encino (NM)
- company hms
- company ed_mkt
- company McDonalds
18. new roads around Encino (NM)
19. road 60 to the West
20. road 60 from Encino (NM) to Socorro (NM)
21.highway road 285 from Encino to 40 to the North
22. highway road 285 from highway 40 to North - Santa Fe (NM)
23. big parking place on 285 before big cross to Santa Fe (NM)
24. map MHAPro 1.30 is Updated in new version 1.31. after 3 days or 37 h work
25. fixed all crosses in new 1.31 version
26. updated some Models from 1.30 in 1.31 update.
27. fixed textures in map in 1.31 version
28. Rebuild and Save whole map in new version 1.31.
29. fixed many small problems with new update
30. city Flagstaff (AZ)
- company MHA service
31. new cross with new signs in Flagstaff (AZ)
32. new company Target_mkt (market) in map MOD
33. Stockton (CA)
- company Target_mkt
34. new connection to Oregon (OR) on road 299
35. new signs around Redding (CA)
36. new signs in cross near Redding (CA) direction to Portland (OR)
37. Fresno (CA)
- company Target_mkt
- company MHA Service
38. Phoenix (AZ)
- company Target_mkt
39. Farmington (NM)
- company Target_mkt
40. the company Food service was changed in Target_whs (warehouse)
- in Cordova (CA)
- in Laytonville (CA)
- in Oakland (CA)
- in Placerville (CA)
- in Smoky (NV)
41. Santa Fe (NM)
- company Target_mkt