What and when ?


In next days, I will release, (I will send emails which I see in Paypal) all my Support fans which have 1.31.1. version, a new update for ATS and then later for ETS2 map too. 

In MHAPro for ATS 1.31.1. you will see new:   road 120 cross National park and I fixed some other problems in map MOD. For road 120 I delete my road 395 from Bishop to Topaz Lake and I made a totally new road with all connection. And if you will not a thing, that I just copy/paste road 120 and whole National park in my map MOD, I did not. I cut that part on 5 pieces and work on that part 5 days, around 11 h on the day. Problem was, that on part of road and park I have already other things, roads, and cities. But I'm already on the end with that too. Fixed are many smaller problems on my map MOD.

In MHAPro for ETS2 1.31.1. :  I still wait if will SCS team in some next update fix problem with barriers on Scandinavia and Italy Toll gates ! ... they don't work in Special Transport. So, don't use them until you will not get a note. In there will be fixed other small problems too.

NOTE:   If you have Support version, and you will not get or see in next days new mail from MHAPro and in there download link for map MOD which you have it, contact me on my mail, which you can find on my page on several places. You must leave in the mail your Username and mail which you used for Support version in Paypal, that I can connect everything !!