This time I will show you something from MHAPro map for ATS


Like I said until now, I plan to release my both maps somewhere on the end September or in first days October. Depend how will everything manage in my life. This days I have some things to do in my private life, so I will be out of my work some 10-14 days. Unfortunately priority is on my private life.

Today I will show you pictures from MHAPro ATS for 1.32. Map is working perfect in 1.32 and it needs some more work on it. I can not just send you empty map out, right. In there will be like always new places, scenes, roads etc...and I just hope that I can do more than I can do in normal time.

The same is for ETS2 map. I work on that map too. Both maps are right now somewhere on 60% ready for release. Enjoy in pictures. Release will be soon - you can see in your life, time flying fast.