Be patient please .... 


Dear Fans,

I'm working on both maps for 1.32 version. My final plan - I hope I will not go cross that promise - is 15.10.2018.  Of course like always depend on some factors in real life, but I will give my the best to manage everything to that date. Of course I will be happy if I will manage some map MOD before that day for you. It takes a lot of time to put everything on old place and fix all new problems after SCS update. But, we must be realistic, I'm alone against those whole team ... hehehe ... but still inside the circle. Down there you will saw ATS pictures from Carson city ... where is SCS made new road ... I already had everything almost done ... and now I fix everything and I can show you what you will see inside MHAPro map MOD. I use always Google maps to see how is in real life some place ... and what I saw ... for now, there is still road in work ... so, we're already one step in front of construction company which work there road around Carson city. Enjoy in pictures and please give me some time more that I can finish everything.

Alex, MHAPro