Sorry, but I must tell you that release is not posible before that date !!


SCS today release DLC Oregon. Ok. But direct before that they released 2 new small updates and cause on my almost ready map MOD new 2365 errors. They again changed crosses. I dont know if they joke with us...or something else. I know exactly that those things what they did now after how much years of ATS, I have been thinking about on start of ATS .... why they need so much time to do something and with that cause so much pain to all Moderators ... I dont know.

Now you know that I can not release my MHAPro map before (probably) 14.10.2018 ... almost for sure. I must clear out all errors, and with that I must overlook all roads in game. I dont have any location error, what will be really faster to clean out ... but I must look manual all roads. That will take a lot of time.

Some time will be needed to clean out everything and connect with DLC Oregon. If I will be faster, you will first know here in posts.

I'm sorry, but I can not work faster. Daily I work already 10-14h .... and on the end, I'm just human.