If you download Support version, read text please !


Hello fans,


finally is MHAPro map MOD for ATS ready. I hope you're not angry on me, that take so long time. What is new, you can always read in
"mod_description" document. All you need for Support version, be all the time connected on my site (LogOn) ...and wait on the end, that
system does what it must finish. On the end you will get Download link. If it is happened that you do not get it, contact me immediately on mail
or cross Form on my site.

Whole my work on ATS map from first day you can read in here, mod_description !! (click on it)

Rules for Support version are on site there too. Read them too, please before you contact me with question about download.

If you have any problem with your game, first look in MODs, if they 're all updated etc ... and then you can send me in E.-mail your
Game.log too. And I will answer to you where is posibillity for mistakes .

MHAPro 1.32 for ETS2 v1.32.x will be out this days too ... I need some 2-4 days more to sort something more in there...and then will be ready.

I wish you all the Best on the road and enjoy playing game !

Alex, MHAPro