Why ?


My dear fans,

I'm not sure, where is a reason to that FB action. I saw a note that some women from Bose block ... but why, I do now know. I contact her on Email which I have and I will see what is wrong. I want to see what I put on my site that she blocked my site. 

In meantime, I will put more notes here on my site. I started with new updates on both map MODs, for ATS and ETS2 game. In ETS2 game we still wait on DLC Baltic. When will be released, I will put all my energy in that

and connect all areas to my map MOD. When will be ready, I will send to all my Supporters of 1.32 version for free...so they can play my map MOD with that DLC too. 

So, if you have ETS2 Support version MHAPro 1.32, do not worry !!  I will do my best and release as soon I can. I will work those days just on ETS2 map and fix the everything-all connection.  

These days I almost finished all highways from Austria borders to Munchen (D) ... and I move Munchen a little bid because of big crosses ... made a totally new look of Munchen city. That will be in that update for DLC Baltic too ...so, 

you will get a totally new look and roads around Munchen (D). Maybe will be something more in there too ... depend on SCS team how fast they will release that DLC Baltic. 

Pictures are from that place ...