SCS released Special Transport DLC ... 


.... it is impossibly put in map MOD in one, two weeks or month, what SCS release yesterday ... I mean on DLC Special Transport!  You will find those Routes in next update for ATS game. I predict that will be somewhere on the end of January 2018. If will be that before that, I will be really happy and proud of me.

If I look ETS2 game, I still must put some 3-4 Routes from Special Transport in my map is not so easy to work as players think. They buy DLC and then expect they will just play in map MOD which they use. We must replace everything from that DLC Special Transport in our map MODs !! ... and it is not easy work. So, be patient, and everything will be in the game as soon as possible.

Today I will show you some pictures from the new 299 road in MHAPro map which is coming in next update ... from Redding (CA) to Canby (CA) on the East....  Of course, I did not stop with work, I still widen my map MOD !

Errors which you see maybe on pictures in Console are the result of some small SCS mistakes in the game, which Editor find when we work in there.