Can work on Beta too ... but...


If you want to play on Beta 1.33 which is already on Steam, you can play with MHAPro. You must just do one small thing on my map MOD.

1. you must open Part 1 in direction   DEF / WORLD 

2. in there you will see documents  .scs

3. on the end you have 4 documents which you must remove like on the picture!

4.  Delete those 4 documents on the end in Def/World and close everything - will ask you if you want to SAVE it .. of course, do it.

5. that is all work ... and you can Start the engine!

Enjoy playing


p.s. if you use some other MODs, be sure those MODs are compatible with 1.33 version...if they're not, you will still have a crash in the game.