how fast will be ready that MHAPro map MOD ?


Dear fans,

I'm in the middle of preparing my MHAPro for ETS2 v1.33 + DLC Baltic. For sure I can tell you that map MOD will not be out in the same day or next one. From simple reason, when SCS will release DLC Baltic, I must connect everything.

The biggest problem with the connection will be probably in Poland. For now, I can not tell you anything more about that, because I must see how can I do that. 

Today I will show you what you can expect around 1.33 version, and how to look basic SCS map and on another side, how looks MHAPro on the same place. For comparison, you can see what you can expect in MHAPro map MOD.

Let's start...

Salzburg (A) - SCS game

Salzburg (A) - MHAPro game

Luneburg (D) - SCS game

Luneburg (D) - MHAPro game

Salzburg (A) - enter - SCS game

Salzburg (A) - enter - MHAPro game

Munchen (D) - enter - SCS game

Munchen (D) - enter - MHAPro game

and in the end, something new in the game ...