For start, make maybe 2 Profiles ... 


You can make 2 different Profiles, but not necessary. You can do this on the same Profile too. But I must say, you will saw in the game that way just some 10% of results ... you will see cross map in the game just new roads and cities. But you will not see all work, how that looks like inside the game. For that, you must have MHAPro Support version and play it. Even my "mod_description" will help too much of course. And on the end, we must know, some of you will not like too. We're different right. Some of you will be very satisfied. We're in free World. 

Let's look on both maps in ATS, and you will see just that Basic difference. I must say here that I did not touch too much DLC Oregon yet. And of course, I will, like everything. You must be just patient. In next update will be some Spec.Transport routes too. I can not work alone faster than some SCS team with some 30-50 people on projects ...

SCS basic map game :

On the same place MHAPro looks like that way : 

Next, SCS game map is here, you must know that we can not see the whole map in one look inside the game.

On another side MHAPro map is like that in the same place