work ATS, ETS2 map you must a little bit change



ATS game - MHAPro map v1.32 works in SCS new update 1.33 too, without any problem. New Update will be out somewhere in January 2019. 

ETS2 game -  in there is something different situation...I will give you here picture links for those who have Support version 1.32. You must clear out from Part1 4 documents. It is not hard work, you must just open Part 1 and clean out that.

of course, with some errors, because map MODs are not Update in the last new SCS update. Those errors do not cause any crash.

here are pictures ... 
1.  open   PART 1 (2 x click on left mouse)
4.   with right click on mouse open Properties .. and find DELETE
5. will Delete those 4 documents and then you will get a note if you want that SAVE or finish or something similar, just Confirm
that is all, Part 1 will be ready
do that and map will work on your 1.33 version.
This map MOD works with DLC Baltic just in one place: the only way to the Baltic is with the ferry from Nynäshamn