Some news around progress 


I still waiting for an answer from SCS team around Rebuild in ETS2. But anyway, I work on the map to manage new DLC Baltic inside MHAPro map MOD. I hope on the end map will work just with Save and will not need Rebuild (what is logical to do and Update map in the new version). The same version, copy/paste, is ATS map MOD, which works perfect in 1.33 version, the same Rebuild too. I will leave you here more information about ETS2 1.33 version when I will see some Result that I can say for sure map works in 1.33 version.

Today I will show new Detour road 215 around Las Vegas. It is part 1 of that Detour road from Kingman to Primm and then later on to the north. You saw, that MHAPro 1.32 works on new Beta update 1.33, with some small errors in there, but anyway, I will release 1.33 version somewhere in January 2019. I will take some time for that and try to make more than I can for that new update too.

For now is new in MHAPro 1.33 for ATS this :  picture (click on it )

You must know if you already do not know, that some MODs do not work ok. You must Update them for version 1.33 in ETS2 and ATS.

New in there will be some places, many roads, I will overlook DLC Oregon and of course, I will put some Special Transport in my map MOD too. For everybody something.

Be Tuned on my News and you will know when will be something ready for release. Enjoy playing. If you have any problem, contact me cross Form or direct on my Email. But contact me with good Email. In last month some of you contact me with some weird Emails and Gmail answer to me with unknown Email note.