for both games ?


My dear fans,

I know you ask your self when will be MHAPro 1.33 out, of course for both games, Ets 2 and ATS.  I must write a little bit around everything.

ETS2 - basic problem with that map MOD is that I can not Rebuild my map in 1.33 version, but I can Save it. With work, I'm somewhere in the middle. I hope I will finish soon with connection on DLC Baltic so, I can release my map MOD 1.33 to Public. Many things are changed in the game and I must manually put in my map MOD. I can not just copy/paste Sectors in there, because with that I just lost all my work until now. So, it takes time.

I already wait on SCS answer about Rebuild in ETS2 14 days ... will I get some answer, I do not know. On another side, ATS game and Rebuild works perfect and the system is the same. Both maps are without errors. 

For sure will be first out ETS2 map MOD, because players wait on connection with Baltic. In ATS they can already play with Oregon.

ATS map MOD is in middle work too, maybe some level higher then ETS2 map MOD. But will be out somewhere in January. When exactly, I do not know. But that will be in January for sure. I will do my best that will be as soon as possible.

I do not show some pictures around my work, because mostly I must fix or connect, then put back in my map MODs... but in there will be some new places. I can just say, from time to time look in News and I hope I will have some good, positive news for you, for both sides, ATS, and ETS2 fans! 


Alex, MHAPro