To all of you !!


I wish you ALL, all my fans and others, Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2019 !! Most important to me, that you will be all in good shape and with good health! 

Thank you all my fans for all Support !!

My wish for next year is small: Sometimes I'm not happy, because some of you use some weird Emails and when you contact me or Support me with a donation after when I reply to you, Email does not work and I get an Error message back. For future, I hope you will use good Emails or open some on Google or somewhere else just for playing.

Today I can tell you more about release MHAPro maps for 1.33 version. 

ETS2 - if you saw on my site in Download section, my download is blocked and I can tell you that MHAPro 1.33 for ETS2 1.33.x will be out soon after the new year 2019, better soon after the first day. My plan is around that day, but I can not tell you exactly, will be that before or after that first day. But for sure will be around 1.1. 2019.

ATS -  that map MOD will be out a little bit later...when exactly, I don't know...but I think that will be somewhere in the middle of January 2019 to the, from second to last week in that month. 

This last month was very turbulent. A lot of work was in front of me. I think I made a big step forward with my work on my maps, but still, of course, I always find something for fix change or replace, make something new.

The same will be in the next year 2019 too. I think I will not change my system, I will work daily on maps around 8-12h ... sometimes more too. If I look back, that is for one update around 950 - 1500 h. Depends how fast I work for some update ... but normally is number hours around 1200 for one update. Average around 12h on the day.